wii points help need.

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Found 27th Jan 2007
hi could anyone tell me where best place to buy wii points either online or in store as son wants to have a go at this and do any of you feel its any good or waste of time, i am not into game consoles so i am no help to him, hubby not either. thanks in advance for any help.:)


Great for games like Mario 64 (1000points = £7), Mariokart 64 (1000points = £7), sonic (800 points), bomberman (500 points)

Don't see a problem with buying them on the actual wii shop channel for £14 for 2000 points, as in shops you'll get charged up to £20 for the exact same number of points.

Some of the games can be played with the normal wii controller but a lot require a gamecube controller or the new classic controller which is an attachment to the wii controller (similarly to how the nunchuck attaches). The reason being that the standard wii remote doesn't have enough available buttons for a lot of the games.

I'd recommend it though - downloading a few games that is! (make sure you have the wii connected to the internet though)

Will Mario kart work with the standard controller?

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great thanks, will do as u said and go to wii site, have a gamecube controller so he can have a go with that one first before i go out buying a classic controller, but thanks for the help.:thumbsup:

Yeah actual wii shop channel on wii is best place to buy points

Its £7 for 1000 points, £14-2000 £21-3000 and £35 for 5000

Ya would think it would get cheaper buying more points but no:x

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