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Found 18th Jul 2007
hi does anyone know if u can use a wii classic controller to play gamecube games??? or do i need to buy gamecube controllers to play the gamecube games???

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you need to buy a GC controller

I can't help, sorry, but your thread title made me giggle.

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lmao i didnt relise , i have wii problems lol

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so whats the classic controller do??

point, aim, and shoot

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lol i ment what do u use them for?? if they dont work on gamecube games? all wii games use the wii remote dont they??

Should have been posted in Misc....:?

Anyway...GC controller for playing GC games, Classic controller is used for playing VC games (Virtual console games which are bought with Wii points) Wiimote & Nunchuck used for Wii games. HTH:thumbsup:

Correct me if Im wrong, but I believe you can use the classic with SOME GC games.

It will be less user friendly though.

(I think) Havent played on the VC for a bit!
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