Wii Quad charger / docking station thingys!

Found 30th Sep 2010
Hi all, hoping that you can give me some advice on the above - i'm sick to death of the kids asking for new batteries for the wiimotes so i was thinking that getting one of these has got to save me money in the long run!
But, i've been reading mixed reviews on them, some are saying that after a while they completely ruin your wiimotes and no longer hold the charge (especially reviews for the gamexpert, logictech brands) So my question is should i be ok with a Nintendo wii branded one like the Speedlink Quad charger or should i not bother at all and just get rechargeable AA batteries?
Help much appreciated, thanks
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this is the one i was thinking of getting:
I am no expert but I have one similar to this for my remotes and I have found that unless the WII is on all of the time then they do not hold any charge. For example if I go to use the WII I have to remember to switch it on about 1/2 before I want to play just so the remotes get some charge in them. Even now I am not sure all of my remotes work properly!

That is just my experience!
oh you could just put rechargeable batteries in the normal remotes and have a fast charger!
The charger docks only tend to charge if the Wii is on or in standby mode? However most charger docks will charge off any USB port for instance my Wii is stationed right next to my Sky box and I just plug my dock into the USB port at the rear of that and that works fine, as I say any USB connection will do ie (/pc, rear of tv you can even buy three pin plugs that accept USB cables for about £3) so the docking station doesn't even need to be near the Wii.

Hope this helps

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