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    Not a request as such, but a question !!

    Can the Wii take any SD card, or does it have to be a Nintendo SD card ??

    Next question - where can I get a SD card from over 2GB ?


    yeah it takes any, i got a kingston SD card in it and it works fine.


    they do them at 4gb?

    I was guessing any SD card, but haven't tried yet!!!!

    Will the SC Card be used for online stuff??? As I have started to save a few bits and bobs, but I am guessing this is onto internal memory?

    an SD card not SC.

    you cant download the old games onto your SD card, your games are downloaded onto the system memory. asyou cant transfer games from one Wii to another.

    if you run out of space on the Wii, then you have to delete some of the games you have downloaded. but you can still download them again for free later on.

    so anything you buy from the Wii shop you can download as many times as you like provideding its on the same wii. also get updates for games you bought from the wii shop for free.

    you can back up and save your game saves to a SD card. and use them on another Wii

    Apologies - that was just a typo!!!!

    What is the size of the Internal memory then???

    Original Poster

    512mb I think !!

    Can you transfer saved games from your Wii to SD card to free up space ?

    nope. not saved games, as in sonic or mario from the older systems.

    you would have to delete them. then if you wanted to play them again you would have to delete something else and download it again (for free though as you already bought it with the points).

    its so you cant download it then sell it on, or pass round for free.

    you can transfer your game saves, like how far you have got on zelda and take it round your mates house and carry on from the same spot.

    I think he meant Save Game DATA - as in saving where you are on Zelda or similar!

    Original Poster

    Yea sorry - I meant saved game data.

    It's just that I havent got a nicely sized SD card yet, and I dont want to be getting so far in a game, running out of space & then not being able to transfer the saved game data to the SD card !

    Is that all the SD card is used for then, game saves?

    Doubt there's much point me investing in a huge card now if that's all it's used for, 2gb at £11 isn't much more than a 1gb or even 512mb so i'd still probably go down that route though.

    No ace.
    The SD card is used for pictures, films, music, game saves and VC games.

    The Wii is capable of doing a slideshow of all your pics, which you can change the music too, using your own if you wish! You can view videos on your Wii, but unsure of which formats.

    When you purchase a VC game, I think you can download it to your SD. Not too sure on that one tho!

    Just think of your SD card as a hard drive for your Wii! :thumbsup:

    If anyone else can add to this, your more than welcome!

    Going on Chris's question, yes, you can transfer data between your Wii and SD card.

    Hope this helps!

    Ive read somewhere else that the Wii only supports up to 2 gig?

    I have a 1 gig micro SD, im guessing you can use an SD adapter with it? If anyone can confirm, that would be great.

    Deal, im pretty sure you can. If it fits in the slot, give it a go! :thumbsup:

    [SIZE=2]afaik VC games can't be saved to SD (per above and Wiiconnect)[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]Not too bothered about pics, music or videos (DVD recorder has media slots anyway)[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]Taking these out of the equation it is just the game saves then?[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]Unless anyone else does know of anything else...?[/SIZE]

    It can have games saved to it (so if you download say 10 games, but run out of room, you can transfer one to the sd card). This doesn't mean you can just give it to someone else though, it is encoded to be played on your machine only.

    I use my 1gb one for episodes of american dad and family guy that I download. Can watch them on my tv that way. Music, photos, etc. Think that's it though.

    i was under the impression that you cnnot copy any games to the SD card, you can only download them to the internal memory of hte Wii,

    and if you run out of room you have to delete some of you games, then if you wish to play any of the deleted games, you can download them again for nothing.

    so you buy the download, and once bought you can download it as many times as you like and any updates for that game are free too.

    has anyone actually tried to save a VC game onto a SD card?

    Did a quick bit of googling and it seems to suggest you can backup the games to SD, however you can't play them from SD, nor can you run save date from the SD.

    Is this correct anyone?

    Man I own a wii and some of you guys confused me with answers, so sorry to repeat if any of this has been said but...

    You CAN use any brand of SD card.

    I know cards upto 2gb work in the machine, after that I'm not sure.

    VC games once downloaded CAN be transferred to your CD, but while there you can not play them, and you can NOT put them on a friends machine.

    Gamesaves CAN be transferred to your SD, but while there you can not access that save file, it will mean you can access your saved game on a friends machine though. (people are hoping that with future updates you will be able to access save files on your SD card but as of yet you can't)

    The wii can play certain video files, music files and be used to view photos, therefore you may want to use your SD card to transfer them.

    Gamesaves, do not in general take up alot of space for example Zelda takes up approx 1/15000 on my 2gb card but for exacts I'd have to check game.

    Mini SDs CAN be used if you have an adapter. Therefore I save some of my games on my mobiles memory as I'm more likely to have it when at a friends.

    If your worried about needing more then 2gb, why not store files on your pc? That is what I plan to do in future using the software that came with my mobile. But for those with older mobile phones a card reader shouldn't cost you much.

    Oh and after all that, if you decide not to save your VC games(which since you can save stuff to your pc i don't see whynyou won't) you can re download the VC games to your wii for free, so if you run out of internal memory and don't want to clog your SD card you can delete them.

    theres a 4gb one on sevendayshop... at £17.99 without del
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