wii remote chargers

    you know those charging untis for wii remotes, can you buy the plug into the elctric ones, rather than plugged into the wii?


    rechargable batteries?

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    rechargable batteries?

    what about them?

    I have one of the units that is suppose to plugged into the wii but I use a ac adaptor instead and it seems to charge them fine.

    I seem to remember edi? posting a deal for a USB plug from earlier this year.
    You plugged the USB end of a lead into the Plug adaptor.

    So, if direct mains chargers aren't available, then that is an option.
    I don't even use mine in the Wii, I just plug into my PC which is on most of the day.

    Some poor reviews on Amazon, suggesting they damage the Wiimotes

    Just use ordinary Duracell batteries, they last for quite a while.
    16 can be picked up for a fiver from places like Asda and Tesco
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