Wii remote controllers & other accessories - HELP!!

    WE have splashed out on a Wii for Christmas when Sainsburys had their fab deal and have just discovered it only comes with one remote controller.

    I have looked at purchasing more but didn't realise how expensive they are to buy!!

    Do you recommend buying Original Nintendo accessories (eg Remote/nunchuk) or are there cheaper versions available that are reasonable quality to use?

    Where is the best place to buy additional remote controllers and nunchuks?
    What other accessories would anyone recommend?

    As you can see we are complete beginners at this. We have bought it as a family Xmas present and would like to make the most of it at Xmas so any help would be much appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!




    in my view i would buy off a game shop like hmv gamestation or somewere i would not buy off ebay its full of fakes i know it might cost £35 but it will do you for years not like the cheap remotes you can buy.

    hi, i would HIGHLY RECCOMEND buying the official nintendo remote and nunchuck, there are inferior imported versions but in my experience they are worse than recycled toilet paper. Post a wanted thread, you may get lucky?


    Try Zavvi, decent prices for Nunchucks and Remotes.
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