wii remote help

    my sons wii remote is faulty is there a contanct number for nintendo anyone has


    Still got reciept?? take it back to where you got it from.

    Whats the Fault?

    Not sure of a contact number, but whats the problem with the wiimote? I'm sure some kind person on here might be able to help you out :thumbsup:

    Most common fault is the sensors, they get stuck.

    Give the wiimote a couple of taps on the sideboard.

    Yep, bang it.

    if the sensor is stuck you have to hold your remote as tho your pointing it at the tv (a button pointing to the ceiling)then turn on its side so the a button is facing the wall on your left and hit it into the palm of your hand a few times,

    This is what nintendo told me when mine was faulty and has worked perfect since
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