Wii Remote Jackets - Why??

    Why are these needed? Why does the Wii always tell you to use the remotes with the jackets on??

    (sorry if its a stupid question - its just bugging me!)


    'cus people kept hurting others and themselfs with the remote or smashed their TVs

    well the jackets cusion the blow

    The jackets also stop the battery pack from flying off and killing LCD tv's

    stop you hitting and knocking out people who come up behind you innocently with a cup of tea;-)

    err ... coz it's autumn coming??? lol jk folks relax ...


    err ... coz it's autumn coming??? lol jk folks relax ...

    Like it

    cos they is cold man
    looks like a shower cap ...

    If the Wiimote does hit something at high velocity due to the strap not holding it back then the jacket will cushion the Wiimote and should do less damage to whatever it hits.

    I wonder how long it is before we are being advised to wear safety goggles, hard hats and armoured jackets/trousers?


    check out this website if you're in doubt

    Gives you a better grip dunnit?
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