Wii Remote Not Working - Help please!

    Well after a month of being far too lazy to use my wii fit I had a fit of conscience this morning and turned it on, I got as far as the menu screen the little pointed arrow hand thing appeared and disappeared and didn't return. So I went to the shops and have put new batteries in, pushed every thing in to it's sockets properly and re synched and still it just appears and disappears for ever. I also took the main switch out from the wall (like with Sky when it stops working) and still no joy.
    Any suggestion please?
    I'm sitting here in my gym gear raring to go and getting really cross with the thing. It was brand new at Christmas. I also checked the motion sensor bar was plugged in properly, it was. Really appreciate some help please, the Nintendo phone help doesn't open till 8.30am tomorrow and by that time my urge to exercise may have gone again ... and no I don't fancy going out for a run! Thanks guys and girls x


    how far from the sensor bar are you? - mine does the same if im more than about 3m away which is a bit pathetic really.

    Or there could be other sources of light around the screen or in the vision of the wiimote which could be throwing off the targeting.

    I'd check the connection to the Sensor Bar (unplug it then plug it back in again).

    Also try cleaning the window at the pointy end of the remote & clean the front window of the sensor bar.

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    Thanks, going to try all suggestions, I suppose I only got it at Christmas and it wouldn't have been so bright in the lounge then, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, the need to exercise is fading quickly, but I do want to get this resolved. Cheers x
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