wii remote recharging question.

    The wii remotes have just run out of battery power.

    How do you recharge them? Do you have to just buy rechargeable batteries, buy a special recharger or special batteries?

    Cant find anything in the instructions that came with them.

    The ones that came with the remotes just look like normal aa batteries do i just chuck these now?


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    Ah thanks, did see those docking stations but didnt know they came with batteries.
    Can you buy the batteries seperatly or do you have to buy a docking station for each remote?

    Sorry, I've don't know but found this:…ion
    which isn't much help either.

    Docking stations are bit unnecessary imo especially as its not like the batteries are needed to be re-charged every day.

    Buy a cheap 15 minute charger for around £15 delivered and use it for all your AA and AAA batteries not just wii mote exclusively.

    Like this one £14.96…ics

    Free delivery on this item- see left hand side and choose from amazon not market place seller


    Totally agree col. That uniross charger is a superb bit of kit! got 6 batteries with it too!

    Not sure if this was true or not, but i was told the docking station can only charge the remote once the wii was totally turned on as the usb ports are not active while the wii is in standby mode, i'd rather charge my remote while my wii was just sittin in standby, if i had to turn it on fully to charge it i'd rather actually play on it haha, like i said not sure if this is correct, if it is though think its a bad design. Opinions may be different to mine though.

    Why not buy 50 AA batteries for a tenner!?

    Goto [url][/url], search for item number - 9804166 :thumbsup:
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