Wii repair advice - PC/ (the / means and/or) Router Advice

    My nephew has a wii, it is one of the first release models, and it has the problem where it won't read dual layer discs, I tweaked the laser to the suggested amount, it reads them now on occasion but will beep apparently whilst playing games.

    So I'm looking for a replacement wii drive, not overly knowledgeable on the wii repair side of things, but i'm guessing any wii replacement drive should do the trick.

    I also don't know the cheapest place to get the drive replacement from, looking for UK sellers really unless there is a dramatic price difference from hong kong.

    I've seen these drives at at an ok price around £53 delivered (still a bit steep though).

    two birds with one stone

    My mate has a Netgear DBG111G
    Did tell him to leach but he's too goody two shoes lol

    now again only guessing but if 2 devices can't find his router but can find others in the area, would this mean that his netgear is faulty?


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    any ideas

    Drives on wii are very common to fail mate. Most wii games fit on standard dvd's?

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    aye so any wii drive then
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