Wii repair ? - huddersfield

    Anyone know of a wii repair shop/person near huddersfield

    not reading the disc's properly think the laser needs replacing

    can get the lasers for about £10 on fleabay but wouldn't know what to do to replace it


    If you are reasonably handy, have a look on Youtube.

    Alternatively, if you are on firmware 4.3 or less, you can soft mod it and get a friend to rip your games to an external hard drive, and play them from there.

    It would work out cheaper than having someone else repair the laser.
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    Yes look youtube or there is a guy in manchester who fix's, mod's console's etc, if intrested i'll find his number etc

    Original Poster

    manchester a bit far unless going to be able to drop it off on way to and from a match

    any one closer to huddersfield ??
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