Wii retro controllers


    My son apparently NEEDS a Wii retro controller!!! I haven't a clue where to get one from or what they look like, not even Amazon had them (just the skins). Could anyone point me in the right direction of where to find one at a reasonable price, and let me know if I have the correct name for them even.

    Any help/advice appreciated

    This shoud have gone in the deal request section I think so apologies if it is in the wrong place (will i ever get the hang of the layout of this site?! LOL)


    I think you might be talking about the gamecube controllers that plug into the wii? We use them to play GC games on the Wii. You can pick them up everywhere - gamestation etc. I paid £6.99 for a new one there - or you can buy a gamecube consol and controller (and ask the manager to throw in a free second one - he did for me!) for £12.99, which is a great dela. They will be used though in that case

    just get him a gamecube controller they work much better.

    could this not be the SNES conroller?

    nevermind lol wrong fail.

    i think your looking for a classic one right? you can get them for 9.99 at hmv delivered excellent stuff

    This is what they look like.
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