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(By TazandSaz)

SSX Blur doesn't use the controls the way everyone would expect. Your boarder is controlled almost entirely with the nunchuk. You steer by tilting the nunchuk left and right and push the anaolgue stick and and forward to accelerate and break. Can Take a few go's to master but it is spot on once you get to grips with it. The more i get the hang of it the more i enjoy the entire gameplay. To jump you can either use the remote button A or flick upwards on the nunchuk. Using the remote, flipping it left or right makes your boarder spin and up and down makes him do somersaults and backflips. Also an excelent new feature is the ability to throw a snowball. Just hold down B to scoop some snow and flick the remote to throw the snowball. The tricks you can do are spot on, via moving the remote in different ways. The graphix are really nice to look at, this game could have looked incredibly bland. But it doesnt, it is crisp. The audio is one of the best on the Wii.

The only down fall of SSX Blur is id have liked more multi-player Game Modes. The game modes are nothing new to SSX and some of the tracks used are very similar to ones in previous SSX games.

Id give it 8/10

Id say Buy it, its worth it at £30 :thumbsup:

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If you have a Comment or a review for this game please post it in this thread. DO NOT GO OFF TOPIC, this thread is for SSX BLUR WII ONLY.

If you like or dislike the game, please state your reasons, these reviews are to help other forum members decide if its a game for them.

Thanks guys/gals :thumbsup:

Can we do a thread like this for all new release wii games?:-D

Im going to get this game soon

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yeah im gonna try/hopefully with other members, to do this for all wii games. ive got a lot of them. just need some spare time..friday ill do a few more... if you have any to add?

im gonna make a mail thread for reviews and link to all the individual ones like this one. and all the others. instead of having them all on one...if you get me? so if you want to make a review of a game just follow the format of this one and start a new one. using the same subject with the change of name lol

i have maybe could set you up that to use up to you

i like the idea of this game but am looking for other games atm :d im a shoot em up person

controls can be tricky but its good when u get going!

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hi ant, really nice logo on that site like...would be cool to use dont use it?

nar ill set up later! pm me!
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