wii rock band any good??

    Looking at the wii rock band in the box for little girl for birthday!! can any one reccomend it, and can the guiter be used for guitar hero aswell?

    any thought are welcome please.


    There was a review of it in Official Nintendo Magazine, that didn't really rate it... said it was like a 'cut down version', where you couldn't do half the things you can on the other consoles.

    I think it got about 70%, but they said it wasn't worth the money....

    I'm not too sure if the Rock Band instruments can be used on GH, but GH instruments cannot work on Rock Band so doubt it. When Rock Band 2 is released sometime next year, it has been confirmed that GH instuments will work with it.

    Also Rock Band has no online features on the Wii, so you cannot download songs or play with others.

    Methinks GH is the way to go....

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    thank you both think i might give it a miss go with GH.
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