wii rockband at morrisons £39.99

    hay i know this aint a new deal but i got the rockband at morrisons in gosport £39.99 and they had 4 left. so if anyones in the area get there quick lol


    is this with instruments

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    ya all of em its very hard to get cos its such a good deal but in gospot when i was there they said they had 3/4 left


    its the whole band in a box if you can find em......bro told me yesterday but theres none around here

    Think the OP is a bit mixed up. It is the whole band but it called Guitar Hero World Tour for the whole instrument pack isn't it?

    Rock band is a different set.


    who cares what brand it is you pedantic people

    its a whole band in a box for 40 notes

    thanks op some people are just beyond help

    phoned all round couldnt get one :cry:


    phoned all round couldnt get one :cry:


    did that the night it was posted, it was like that then.


    +1did that the night it was posted, it was like that then.

    they had one in Rhyl *shudders* but it went yday :-( :pirate:


    have a feeling they may have them in gosport??

    watch out that you dont get confused by which brand it is maybe seriously dissapointed for 40 quid

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    well i dunno what it was guitar hero or rockband but it was a games case with £39.99 and it showed the mic guitar and drums on the back. i asked if it was the whole lot they went out to the back and got this box scaned it and it was £39.99. i asked if there was any others they said there is a few more at the back

    edit.. yes it was guitar hero not rockband sorry for mistake
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