Wii SD Card Question

    i know wii's dont take the new sdhc card or whatever they are called but what is the max size normal sd card they can take?

    ive read it wass limited to 2gb but ive read people have 4gb and even 8gb working but nowhere seems to say how?



    SDHC stands for Secure Digital High Capacity. Its just to denote that the card is a large capacity card. These cards start from 4gb unwards so I would presume you are limited to 2gb no matter what

    You can (or at least could in the past) get 4gb non-sdhc SD mem cards. Don't know about 8gb ones though.

    I thought 2GB was the maximum - that should be more than enough.

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    just got a 8gb in my gfs camera and was wondering would it work in my wii thats all anbody know?
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