Wii - too good to be true?? £175.20 shipped

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Found 5th Sep 2007
This is my first post so please be gentle! :oops:

Found a Wii here

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx dvdboxoffice.com/des…630

Would work out £127.90 + £45.50 shipping = £175.20 in total which to me sounds like a good deal.

But how different is this from one that i could buy in the UK?

I know that you might be charged customs etc but from what I've read on this forum most items from this company are shipped via Gerany & anyway I buy loads from over the pond & have yet to be charged on anything - I just keep the orders to small quanities.

Any help appreciated!!

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[SIZE=2]Why bother when u can get Wii for under £170 in UK ?[/SIZE]

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Where from? Whats the best deal around & in stock?

Wilkinson £169.99

Also from JohnLewis (currently OOS)
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