Wii U anyone found a deal yet :(

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Found 24th Nov 2016
Surely there must be somewhere doing an offer on black friday - even ebay people are selling the same price second hand, really wanted these to come down in price anyone found anything? thanks

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BF hasn't started yet?

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i thought everywhere advertised what was going up, so theres still chance it might come on offer

Has anyone any idea how much Wii Us sell for these days? I am looking to sell mine before christmas as don't play it anymore in anticipation for the Switch! It's the 32GB Premium bundle boxed.

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it depends what games you have with it but there going second hand at £200+ with 1 mario game

Really hope there is a good deal for one of these! Been holding out for black Friday

Went into Game today and they had a flyer up with 'Early Black Friday ' deals which included the Mario Cart 8 32gb box with various extras.
With Amibo Festival was £239.99
With Amibo Festival and Starfox Zero £259.99
With Amibo Festival and a choice of 2 Amiibo figures £244.99
With Amibo Festival and Starfox Zero and a choice of 2 Amiibo figures £264.99

I took a photo of the flyer but can't upload it!

The choice of figures was Luigi or Princess Peach.
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