Wii U memory

    I am interested in buying a Wiiu and I'm debating on getting the basic console because of the large price difference. I intend to download retro games from the virtual console.What external memory device do people recommend? Is basic console and external memory the way to go? Thanks.


    yeah im pretty sure you can just use an external hard drive

    USB storage is used to extend main flash memory of the console. While USB memory sticks may work the Nintendo driver software is a bit flawed and Nintendo recommends external USB hard drives. The SD memory slot is just for wii mode.

    Speed wise there isn't a lot in it. Internal flash, external hdd and optical discs all load at similar speeds.

    Software is still tied to the console it seems. You can migrate from one wii u to another if you have both consoles in working state but if your console goes faulty, is lost or stolen it appears you lose your game collection. It's not tied to an account like other services, psn, steam, xbox live, origin, uplay etc. So whatever money you invest in download games is a risk.

    Not forgetting most games are much cheaper as physical discs and have resell value plus you can use them on multiple systems.

    If you're downloading VC games only then you'll be fine with the basic without needing extra space. You only really need to get an additional drive if you're going to download full retail games & depending on the game you might be okay anyway. If you're just buying retail discs then you should be fine with just the basic as there's actually lots of space.

    I've got the basic & needed to get an external drive to download the demo of Wii Fit U so I could unlock the full game using the fit meter when that offer was on this time last year.

    When Mario Kart came out I got 4 games through the free game promotion - so I've now got Wii Fit U, Wii Sports Club, Zelda Windwaker, Pikmin 3, Monster Hunter 3 & Wonderful 101 plus some VC games & demos which together take up slightly more than half of the 64gb USB drive I'm using.

    So unless you are going to download full games you'll be fine.
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