Wii U premium or Switch? Help please?

Found 16th Nov 2017
Hi I bought my son the Lego undercover Wii u premium a couple of years ago on a goose chase Tesco deal that turned out to be a great deal, he’s only nearly 6 so I have kept it by to give to him. Was planning to make it one of his main gifts this year and have bought a couple of mario and yoshi games Skylanders superchargers and characters ect. Thing is marketing being what it is all he is asking for is the switch... he had a go in smyths and loved mario oddisey I have showed him vids of Wii u told him he can play Disney infinity which he loves ect but he just keeps saying I prefer the switch I will ask Santa for that

Anyway can anyone give me advice is the Wii u a dead console I was shocked at how quickly the games disappeared from everywhere. Should I sell it and get the switch is it worth it? Any help would be great. Thanks(embarrassed)
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I would see how much the Wii U is worth first before selling because even if you end up getting the Switch it may not make much of a difference.

There are still some decent games on it and it has Wii BC.
Wii u is great for kids but if hes seem the switch hell probably prefer it. My wee boy is always on wii u but my dayghter only uses her switch. You can also take the switch out and about which u cant with the wii u
Thanks for the reply the version I have is selling for around the same price as the deals on switch have been recently so hopefully I wouldn’t lose much money but I don’t want to have both we don’t have the space I wouldn’t buy the switch for a couple of years if we keep the Wii u.
Thanks Batman does the Wii u do anything the switch doesn’t I know the switch does a lot more but wondering if there’s anything he’d miss from having the Wii u. I’m mostly annoyed they don’t have 3D world or yoshi on the switch.
The switch imo. More good games to choose from and the option to take it around portable, so saves having to get a DS for car trips. Charger and charger port shouldn’t break too as the charger is reversible.

Odyssey is an amazing game and suitable for his age,
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