Wii virtual console....

    ...a bit crap ain't it!!!!

    Yesterday I finally got around to updating my Wii and taking a look at the virtual console before I went into town. I am pleased I did as I was going to buy some points to play some of the old games I like.

    What a let down I got when I logged on and saw what they had to offer. Probably only 2/3 games I would even consider. Also how much are Wii points normally, I got the impression they were £7.99 for 2000, but I now see that that was a bargain as people keep sayign on here, so how much do they actually cost in real terms?

    Also games ranging from 600 points to 1200 points (or was it 1000), is not going to be cheap.

    I would feel gutted to be paying £4/£5 for old Nintendo and MasterSytem games you can buy the original consoles and loads and loads of games for less than £20!!!

    To be honest I don't know what I was expecting, I was hoping to be able to dowload games such as RollCage for the Playstation, SpeedBall 2 from the Amiga, the original Sensible Soccer or maybe the old classic Spy v's Spy, or Rock and Roll racing off the Snes and many more that I can't think of right now.

    I also thought every Nintendo game from the past would be on there as they would have the rights to do what they wanted with them, but it's very very limited.

    There is not even the orginal SNes Mario Kart to download, what is all that about?


    Well if they released them all at once it would kinda be a bust really. They release games week by week, they are also still in talks with certain companies trying to get the rights to certain games to rerelease etc.

    wii points are usually around £14 for 2000, so the game deal at the mo is very good.

    The N64 mario kart only went live a few weeks ago.

    There are rumours they are trying to get some saturn games on the VC.However since the games have to be downloaded and stored on the wii's internal memory there are constraints on what games can be available. Just keep an eye out though. I'm still hoping that rare will sign upto allow all their games so I can get Banjo Kazooie.

    In the meantime I have like 5 games from it already with a look at getting 2 more in the near future. Watch it over the next few weeks/months and you'll see it improve, the choice has gotten much better since the release.

    You could always buy an SD Media Launcher for £25 and play all the gamecube homebrew on the Wii

    The Wii is $hit anyway, wish I never bought it now.

    just chip it & get all the games for £1 anyway.........

    I just hope the new online games come with a cd-code so I don't have to play idiots with chipped wii's online...

    Also check ]this site for upcoming VC games.

    Pah Whats Point When You Can EMUALTE Every Game And Play them on your pc, its an outright SCAM!

    Original Poster

    But PC gaming is pants. I like to plug and play, the way it should be, not calibrate this, calibrate that, wait while we arrange for a crash 35 minutes into your game, etc etc.

    Most emulators have problems with a lot of the games.

    Or at least they used to. At least with this I can turn it on and play it on the tv when everyone else is using all the PC's in the house.

    Note to beerman.

    Nintendo have a massive problem with compatibility issues with some VC games connected with a component cable on a HD LCD and plasma (i think).

    For some games (def the snes games at least) do not work unless you swap back to composite cable.

    Its annoying.


    Pah Whats Point When You Can EMUALTE Every Game And Play them on your pc, … Pah Whats Point When You Can EMUALTE Every Game And Play them on your pc, its an outright SCAM!

    But that's illegal unless you own the original game, it's also not much fun. Try get a group of mates round the PC to play your emulated bomberman or contra - thanks but I'll stick with the Wii on that one. :whistling:
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