Wii - When in stock, and Amazon Q.


Is there any update when Wii's will be back in stock online.

Also, if I pre-order (can I?) a Wii from Amazon UK, when it is back in stock will I defiantely get a Wii, as sometimes they are in-stock at random times and want one soon.



Check John Lewis at 8am every morning, ring and visit your local Argos :thumbsup:

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Thanks, I will try that but I am primarily looking online. Though I will ring John Lewis and Argos tommorow at 8am sharp

Can you reserve them over the phone?

Argos will not reserve unless it is in stock. John Lewis I do not know about over the phone, but check the site at 8am.

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Ah okay thanks, will do for John Lewis, probably phone up Argos each day too, they will probably get tired of my voice sooner or later and just give me one for free.

If you are ringing John Lewis use the freephone number 0800 188881.
i spoke to them today re an item and they seem very helpful,I think they are available from 7am.

might as well save a bit on the phone call:)

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I'll ring at 7am and check online at 8, doubly sure.

Did you check John Lewis any luck?


Judging by yesterday I think it is easier to phone a store and then go collect. A great site I've been using is this one to see when places have them available.


It gave me the heads up on them being available in Argos yesterday morning at 8.30 and they were then available in store at 10.30ish.
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