Wii wireless internet

    Im trying to connect to the nintendo internet facility

    ive got through all the setup steps and they all seemed fine

    however when i try to connect to the internet im getting the error code: 209600 & please try again in a moment

    ive done this a number of times

    anybody got any ideas?


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    ive changed my router channel number as it instructed on those websites

    however now i cant access the wireless internet on the computers upstairs in the house

    I get this error every now and then. I just try again and it is fine. Sometimes it is due to the router connection dropping out.

    Make sure that you have wiiconnect 24 turned on etc and wait and see if you get the flashing disc light when an update or email comes into you. At least then you will know that the connection works and that it is just a time out problem connecting to the Wii shop.

    If you send me your Wii number I can send you a test email to your Wii or you can easily set this up yourself.

    Original Poster

    I got it working :-D

    thanks for everyones help:thumbsup:
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