Wii wireless remote wanted.

    Does anyone know of any stores that have any in stock. Our lass is going through to Bishop Auckland now but Argos have none, I told her to go into Gamestation and Chips but I am not holding out for luck on this one.

    Are these as hard to get hold of as the console itself, or are they more widely available?


    They are easy to get hold of on their own but you can get one free in a pack with Wii Play but it's hard to find at the moment.

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    Is that the wiimote the one with the wrist strap or the ninchuck thing? We have Wii play here but only one wiimote, do you get one with the console also? If you do whoever we got it off must have sold one seperately.

    [SIZE=2]Yes, it's the remote and not the nunchuck and one is bundled in with Wii Play for free. It sounds like they kept the Wiimote and sold the game. A lot of people have done this on eBay as to buy a Wiimote on it's own is only £5 cheaper than to buy it bundled with Play.[/SIZE]

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    If she can't get one in town today what is the cheapest online price, does anyone know? Play do not seem to sell them and everywhere else is £30.

    I hope she can get one, gonna take it down me mates and have a foursome but we will have to take turns as we can only do two at once, lol.

    If not then it will have to wait till next week.

    On BlahDVD the WiiPlay and remote bundle is £32.99 but out of stock but further down the page they sell the remote for £24.99 (probably a code somewhere as well.)


    Original Poster Excellent.

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    Ah well, got one in town. Cheers for the help anyway mate, tried to rep you earlier but it says I must spread some, blumming heck it was a while back when I repped you. I keep forgetting to rep people, damn it.

    No probs. I need to start spreading some more as well but there isn't the time because i just can't resist going back in the lounge every 5 minutes for a quick go on bowling.

    Though i did get a bit carried away last night and almost broke my neck trying a long run up bowl. Knew i should have put carpet down and not laminate. Live & learn!! lol.

    ^ repped ya for being helpful as beerman can't. Well deserved.


    ^ repped ya for being helpful as beerman can't. Well deserved.

    Thanks muchly, i got an extra little green box now, :-D
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