Wii worth getting for Mario Kart?

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Found 11th Apr 2008
I've heard alot of good things about, is it worth getting just for Mario Kart? I seen a thread yesterday mentioning a Wii price drop soon, can anyone clarify?


It's worth getting for wii sports:thumbsup: i got one a couple of weeks back and i love it.

i saw about that price drop yesterday as well, so i'm going to wait until May and see if the price does fall as expected

yeah i'm the same, i'll wait for a price drop before i get one, can't really justify owning a ps3 xbox360 and a wii :geek:

is there going to be a wii pricedrop? if so how much?

I think its gonna drop to £120/£130 maybe?

Dropping to 149 euros (possibly) - hotukdeals.com/ite…th/ - so yeah roughly £120

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Dropping to 149 euros (possibly) - … Dropping to 149 euros (possibly) - http://www.hotukdeals.com/item/169101/wii-price-drop-next-month/ - so yeah roughly £120

The DS is only going to be £20 cheaper than the Wii?:?

Its a portable console though :thumbsup:

I wouldn't say that the Wii is worth buying just for Mario Kart, but it is a very good reason to buy one, along with what's becoming quite a good selection of decent games.


we bought a wii about 3 months and now it hardly ever gets used at all unless the family come around so its a bit of a dust collector these days. ps3 gets daily use.
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