wileyfox swift 2 how to

    every pictures/ videos/WhatsApp received videos , app downloaded will go to phone storage

    how can I set it to go to removable storage (sd)?


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    Is it running Cyanogen 13.0 or higher? I'm presuming it is and the removable storage had been selected as "Adopted" when first placed into the device. This means the device see's all storage as one mass combined storage so the sd card is no longer seen separate. Check what storage space your device is showing and if this adds up to your internal and sd (I think normally it also shows minus the space the OS and image is taking up - off the top of my head that is about 2-4gb). Another way of checking is to pop the card out and see if a PC/Laptop can read it, if it can't then it had been "adopted" which encrypts the card and it cannot be read outside of the device it was adopted on.
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