wileyfox swift 2 problems

Found 9th Dec 2016
Bought wileyfox swift 2
Return one , as I thought its faulty, but got same issue with both.

After I click the call button , the screen goes black.
I can't stop the call or do anything. Have to wait until the phone process , voicemail, finished on his own ( could take ages) or the other people press end call.

The screen and phone become fully operational again once call is finished.

Any idea how to fix this??
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Flip case with magnetic catch? Try it with the case off if you're using one.
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Sounds like a proximity sensor issue. The screen should turn black when on a call as the proximity sensor on the front detects your face, this helps to prevent the skin on your face from pressing the on-screen buttons.

It's possible that the sensor could be faulty, or the problem could be caused by something else messing with the sensor. Some proximity sensors can be blocked by a screen protector, so it might be worth removing it if you have one attached.
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I thought if they hang up your screen stays black. If the call is still live... If they haven't hung up... Then the screen lights up with the hang up button for you to tap. It's a general problem these days I feel. The folder type cases seem to stop the problem as you can shut then open again to activate screen. Most of us like to see the call has ended and all my phones so far have this problem. I have to wake phone up to see if call has ended

There have been rumours that the WF were OEM from Xiaomi, and this is exactly the same issue I started having with my Xiaomi HongMi Note after the update from MIUI7 to MIUI8.

Hopefully the next update will fix it, and hopefully the same will happen for you.
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