Wileyfox swift 2x or Huawei P10 lite???

Found 29th Nov 2017
any opinions?

looking for a new phone for the other half below the £150 mark.
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avoid wiley fox they have no customer svc
Wileyfox are good, customer service has gotten better as I have used them just today.

And a week ago for my girlfriend (she dropped hers in water), both times very responsive and helpful.
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Bykatarzyna marcewiczon 7 August 2017
I had this phone for nearly a year. For the start it was ok bit short battery life but ok. First fault I notice was phone rebutting for a while when battery run flat and plug the charger ( but I can live with it just don't let the battery run flat completely parentally common problem with this brand ). Next thing microphone get bust so after couple of emails with costumer service I send the phone back to Wileyfoxe. When I get it back I was even worse than before . Phone start rebutting constantly till screen get black. Try to contact costumer service thru official website but hade no response from them, Try to send the email to guy who deal with me in first place - no response. Try to post on the Wileyfoxe website - post been deleted. Try to contact costumer service over the phone no answer. Its ok for them to take your money but nobody want to deal with you when something go wrong. Don't believe in 2 years Guaranty because they want honour it. And the costumer care its a Joke or don't exist at all.
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ByOllytronon 17 May 2017
Nice phone, utterly shambolic customer care from wileyfox. As good as the phone is, I cannot recommend buying due to such terrible customer service received recently when phone was returned for repair. Avoid this brand.
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