wileyfox swift battery.

    Has anyone come across a replacement for the wileyfox battery that's not from the official website? Mine is not lasting a day now... it's only 18 months old.


    I dont have the same phone, but have you got the part number from the battery? Its some times easier to search for the part number, as it could be the same battery in other phone models. Post back in here with part number and we can see what we can find for you

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    The model number is SWB 0115. under it says 1ICP5/49/68
    3.8v. 2500mAh. 9.5wh

    Just had a look around and the only one is a £20 from Amazon or direct from wiley fox for £10 which is out of stock. Might be worth contacting them and seeing what they can do, might do a good will and send a replacement for you? Sorry couldn't be anymore help

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    No worries, thanks for checking it out
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