Wilkinson plus website

    Just wondering if anyone else is having trouble getting on to the site? I havent been able to get on since yesterday because the page is just not loading.


    Its loaded up for me and working fine Must just be you lol :P

    Fine for me as well.

    fine for me

    Original Poster

    Hmmmmm dont know why that is then, tried firefox and internet explorer and hasnt worked since I tried to get on last night.

    Not having a problem with any other sites. Any ideas?

    Clear temp internet files?

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    Cleared everything and still no luck

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    No luck on flock either. Was happening last night and has been switched off all night, still happening now. Tried 3 different browsers, cleared all cookies etc

    Sorry, out of ideas unless you want to restore your computer. Bit drastic!
    Here's the link that works for me:…ome

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    Thanks for helping

    Still cant get on there and tried everything. Is really bugging me now!
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