Wilko venetian blinds

Found 12th Aug
Just wondering if I could pick someone's brain...

I've just put up some Venetian blinds from Wilko. Having never owned any before, I've no idea how there operate. Nothing I do seems to lower them! Something doesn't look right with these cords, but the instructions are next to useless. Does anyone have any advice?

Thanks in advance.


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Pull the cord to a side/at an angle , it releases the mechanism to lower the blind.
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The cord (as explained above) needs to be held at an angle but close to the blind (ie left or right) to lower/lift the slats. Pull all cords at the same time otherwise only one side of the blind will move. Pull to the left to release and allow the blind to fall, pull to the right to secure/stop the blind.

There should also be a rod which can be turned to twist the slats upwards or downwards.
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Not the best video but this should give you an idea.
cuzzy11 m ago

Pull the cord to a side/at an angle , it releases the mechanism to lower …Pull the cord to a side/at an angle , it releases the mechanism to lower the blind.

Which cord? There are 3. One seems to make the whole thing move up, one does the left side, the other does the right.
When I pull them all at an angle one way the blinds stay up. When I pull them all the other way they release, but only by about 10cm.
Are the plastic hoops supposed to go through the hole? It looks like they're stuck but I don't know if they're supposed to be like that.
You might have to adjust the cords, the plastic shouldn't go through the header.
I've got it. Think I've disabled the safety system in doing so but I don't have kids so it's not an issue. Thanks cuzzy and windym for taking time out of your Sunday afternoon to help, it's much appreciated
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Glad you got it sorted.
I did say in my first post, to be sure to pull all cords (I didn't specify how many as some have 2, some 3 and some more) I didn't want to confuse you further.
If you let the blind down to a height you are happy with, you can put a knot in the 3 cords, that way when you pull it up or drop it down you can hold the knot knowing it will be pulling all sides of the blind equally.
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