Will a 2.0 external hard drive work on PS4?

Posted 31st Mar 2017
I have just ran out of space on my PS4 could i use a 2.0 usb external hard drive to run my PS4 games.
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You want a USB 3.0 +

You want a USB 3.0 +

I have a 2.0 drive just wanted to know if that would work.
Nope, as stated it has to be USB 3.0 (and a minimum of 250GB)
Has anyone tried a usb 2.0 drive to see if it works.
You can get it to work but read and write speeds too slow unfortunately

You can get it to work but read and write speeds too slow unfortunately

Have you tried it
Sorry people aren't giving you the answer you wanted. Would it help if we lied, and said a USB 2.0 would work perfectly?

Sony say use a 3.0, so you should use a 3.0
A 250gb drive won't work, you'll need a minimum 320gb one as it needs 250gb this is due to the way devices report capacity being different to the way we commonly understand it.
If you have the hdd give it a go and report back?
I've tried, too slow unfortunately..
I've also tried, doesn't work, 3.0 requirement is indeed just that.
WD store have some decent refurb drives you can pick up a 2tb to 4tb USB3 one for between £50 and £80

I have a 4TB and it's perfect.
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I bought one from the cex website and didn't realise until after I ordered that it was USB 2.0 and it works just fine. There's always the chance that I got sent a USB 3.0 by accident but worth trying your 2.0 anyway
Are these portable drives or desktop your using as i have the same issue now need more space
Hi folks ive just got a ps4 heres a question ive got a 750gb hard drive 2.0usb full of movie files tv shows all i want to know will the ps4 be able to read and play a movie ok i know u should use 3.0 for it but im not a big gamer and wont b downloading alot of games to my 500gb internal thanks for any help on this
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