will a 43 inch tv fit in a 2007 vauxhall astra. 5 door hatchback

    My father in law wants to buy a new to but wants to collect it himself. He is determined that it will fit in a 2007 Astra. Does anyone know the dimensions of a 43 inch to in its box?


    Yes it will fit

    easy with seats down

    Most stores list the "box" size as well as the actual tv itself - put the model number into google and see if any other store shows it if the one you are purchasing it from does`nt

    Original Poster

    Thanks for responding

    should fit,as I fitted 42 in mine

    Sounds like an episode of pimp my ride.

    A 43" TV is only around 57cm wide and most cars will typically take things a meter or more wide so there's plenty of room for packaging.


    Sounds like an episode of pimp my ride.

    ​I was disappointed too. I thought the OP was installing a home cinema in the back of their astra:)

    Does he live in it

    where would he plug it in!


    where would he plug it in!

    12v invertor to mains, not that steep and TVs draw hardly any power now.

    a 5 door hatchback no problem, it will fit in a 3dr micra or almost any other cars aswell.

    I got a 46" in box in Corsa so should be no problem!!
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