Will a Dehumidifier help me and if so what is a good one for a cheap price?

    My flat is getting very bad condenstation, I only have single glazing windows on a wood surround, I work all day so the windows only get opened on weekends. At the moment the condensation seems to be really constant and there is often a big pool of water on the inside window seal. I am looking into getting double glazing but at the moment I cant afford it.

    So will a dehumidifier help my situation? If so then I need one that is not too big or bulky and I cant really afford more than £100 as if I buy one that is not very good then its money wasted. The other sort of issue i have is that I get it in Kitchen, lounge and bedroom. So would I need 3 of them?

    Also how do they work, would I need to have it switched on all day? What I am trying to get at is will it cost me a fortune in electricity costs?

    I appreciate any help on this.


    Hi Colin

    Can't recommend them enough. We have two that run constant all day, they need emptying about every 26hrs!
    With single glazing its fair to say that it may not take all the condensation away but it will for sure be a massive improvement.

    They also throw out a good amount of heat which is all part of the air recycling process, we have no heat on (rad turned off) in our bathroom where we keep one of them, it alone keeps it lovely snug warm! In fact I can have a very hot 10min shower and still no condensation appears....they are a worthwhile purchase!

    I think my missus got ours through Littlewoods direct, made by Prem-i-Air think about £130, they are quite big but compact at the same time, they are also excellent for drying your washing, if you leave a clothes horse near it, we do this in the bathroom too, takes overnight for clothes to be bone dry!

    As for cost of running our units are 450w I think, but when I had one of them on my power monitor it was only drawing 250w, it does have a more powerful 'laundry' setting though so perhaps that uses the extra power, its a small sacrifice of power for the good they do.

    Hope that helps

    hi i have one it will draw from all rooms if you leave your doors open and will have a continues button or timed switch i get bad damp and it work great

    think theres a S' in there lol

    Original Poster

    Thanks for your help. So I am after a quiet unit that does not kill my electric bill for about £100. i have had a quick browse and the Delonghi one seems like a good model. Anyone have any reviews of it?

    So I would need to have it switched on all the time then?

    Don't know about the Delonghi, it can be worthwhile taking out insurance on them though, we have had 3 failures on cheap models in 3 years :?

    You dont have to have them on all day, most have a regulator on allowing you to select the amount of humidity you are comfortable with, but like I said it saves us on gas bills by not having to have the heating on during the day.


    you need to keep the airflow up in your house. This is achieved these days by air vents in the top of windows being added. I would presume you dont have any of these. This coupled with a constant heat source should help the condensation problem. If you have a thermostat control for your heating, when you are work, rather than turning the heating off, just turn it down to 15 degrees, this will help maintain a level humidity

    Recommend these - a real transformation.

    Short answer is yes, it will help with the casues of the problems you have. It is not the answer though.

    Condensation is caused by the following:

    Not enough heat

    Not enough ventilation

    Too much moistire being caused

    Solve these, and you have solved your problem. A few tips:

    1. Don't dry clothes inside.

    2. When cooking/bathing open the window and shut the door to the room you are in.

    3. Ensure your heating is warming the air enough. Condensation is basically steam hitting a cold surface and turning to water vapour. If the surface it hits is warm or the steam is allowed to escape, you wont have a problem.

    4. If you have a vented tumble drier, whatever you do, do not vent it inside the flat.

    Hope this helps!

    Original Poster

    My flat is small. The Bathroom has a extractor fan thing built in the wall which automaticaly comes on when the light is turned on.
    I have the heating on from about 8pm - 10pm and for about 30mins in the morning. I am unable to have the heating on all day as there is no timer on it so would cost me fortunes in electric.
    When I am cooking I dont like opening the kitchen window as it in very difficult to shut it. So I dont open it anymore.
    I have night storage heaters but I dont have a clue on how to work them as there is no instruction manuals with the heaters. The heater in the bedroom has a timer and the one in the hall I dont think works, the longe one does not a have a timer.
    I am on the 2nd floor so I can only dry clothes inside the flat.

    I think I will have to get the windows done but I dont have that sort of money at the moment so i am looking for something that will help in the mean time for £100 or less.
    I have those trow away gel crystals by the windows but the condensation is that bad that they dont really soak a lot of it up.

    Strange bit of advice coming up here! I would open up the bathroom door during the day, remove the lightbulb and turn the light on. This will mean that the fan will keep going, but it will only cost you the extractor fan electric (very cheap, genrally 25w (ish) for a 4 inch fan.

    Night storage heaters work by heating a big concrete block through the night and releasing the heat through the day (at a time set by you).

    If you are going to dry clothes, do it in the bathroom, with the door shut and the fan on. This should greatly reduce the amount of condensation in the atmosphere.

    Try to get your window fixed so you can open it, it will really help with your problems.
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