Will A PS3 Jailbreak Work Without The Bluray ?

    Just about to order one from a thread a few weeks back but have been reading that the USB jailbreak stick will not work properly if you havent got a drive. From what ive read a disk still need to be inserted to do a check, if you know what i mean. So ive got 2 PS3s here both with non functioning blurays, want to chuck in a 640gb drive and work off a jailbreak stick... can i still do it or do i need a working bluray for the disk check ??

    I know this sounds a bit cryptic but youll know what i mean if youre in the know haha ;-)


    Yes, you can get them working with about a BD. It's been like this for weeks/months.

    Correct me if im wrong, but you need a working Blu ray drive to install a new hard drive. Im sure you do.

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    So ftp to hdd Saint and then no disk check ? Is that with any of the sticks out there or only certain ones ?

    PS hippyharry no you dont need a working drive to install new hdd... just does it from the onboard.

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    So a ps3 with a faulty drive would still work?

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    Seems that way sancho

    Now do i go for the minimus32 for £25 or the dealextreme one for £6 odd. Minimus one looks the business with the case but does it make it any better in terms of doing what it does.... hmmm.
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