Will a T-mobile sim work in a Virgin media phone from Asda?

Hi, does any know if a T-mobile sim will work in a Virgin media phone (Nokia), from Asda?


If its virgin phone it would probably be network locked to virgin.
Then you would have to pay to unlock either directly from the network or usually on ebay will be cheaper.
Depending on which model phone your talking about, this usually costs anything from approx £2 to £20

No, i don't think so. Though Virgin uses the T Mobile network (or used to, as far as i know) it would still be locked to virgin.

Depending on the model of the nokia phone, some of the lumias can be unlocked with a code off ebay for a few quid, having a search on there for your model no. may offer up more answers.


It does work because I had a t - mobile phone with Virgin mobile

virgin phones are usually simlocked
all mine have been any how and most recently i had to unlock my zte blade v in order for my tmobile sim to work
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