Will a U.S Console work over here?

    Just looking at a few sites and they say the following:

    PLEASE NOTE: This product is encoded for US and Canadian standards.

    Does this mean that it will not work here or what?



    If you order it from America then when it comes if it doesnt work go back and cancel the order

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    im looking at [url][/url], you may be thinking why im actually buying it from there. I have a gift card and thats the only site I can use it on so yeah

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    It'll be 110 volts (we're 240v) so you'll need a step down transformer or you'll blow the power supply. and it'll only run US games unless you get it chipped (depending on which Console you're looking at). And if its goes wrong you'll have to send it back to the US as, as a rule the UK company's won't touch anything out of their area. . .

    if you buy a ps3, you can play UK games

    It may be NTSC the american television standard and also 110 uses PAL standard.......i would not risk it unless you are told it will be ok for the uk with a money back gtee if not.............
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