Will a usb C to micro usb cable charge my htc one m8 quicker than a usb 3 - microusb cable from a laptop?

    Just got a new laptop which has a USB C port. My htc one m8 is still microusb. Would it charge any quicker if I bought a USB-C to microusb cable?


    Nope, Don't think so.

    It all depends on the output.. But I would think a wall charger would be a lot quicker..

    unlikely. it will detect it as usb charging and charge a 0.5A...

    Not because of the connector, but maybe because it's plugged into a different port.

    USB power levels are negotiated between devices so while the Type C standard can support higher power levels your phone with the USB 2.0 MicroUSB connector won't know about them and can't draw that much power.

    However, USB's higher power levels have always been optional to implement, so it may be that your laptop's port only provides 2.5W* that's the standard requirement for the USB 2.0 specification instead of the 7.5W that the optional Battery Charging spec provides.

    *USB 3.0 supplies 4.5W as standard, but I'm not sure about the interaction between a USB 2.0 + BC device and a USB 3.0 host. It's a moot point as the answer is the same either way though, it's just the size of the potential improvement that changes.

    If the One M8 and the Type C port both support the battery charging extension and the USB 3.0 doesn't then you'll get faster speeds. It's pretty common for android phones to support it and some Type C ports are connected to different types to the Type A (normal) ports so there's a good chance there too. If your phone is currently charging at a lot less than 7.5W (1.5A) when empty then it's worth a go.
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