Will adding a NFC SD Card to my mobile add full NFC functionality to a non NFC phone?

Found 21st Jun 2017
i.e. would I be able to make contactless payments using it? Cheers
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Not sure you can use it for payments as it won't work with the Google Pay app it's mainly NFC for viewing what files are on an SD card without inserting it.
It's outdated and no longer used. I think it was a concept but it never came to the mass market.
Last news heard was that it was part of the smartSD specification. No real products was showed/announced.
So no there is no real way to add nfc to non nfc devices other than "nfc stickers" like barclays bPay.
Current NFC sd cards are different as they only for storage purposes, not payments.
Is this going up against eyefi and flashair?
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