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    Hi HUKD'ers

    When our daughter was born 14 years ago my wife and I set up our wills
    to save any arguments later should anything happen to us.
    Our wills are kept at the Lawyers who set up the wills for an
    annual fee of £25 per year (paid in January by D/Debit)

    Things have now changed and we wish to make some minor ammendments
    to the wills and have been told this will cost £80 if we go to them or £120 if they
    come to us to do it....

    Do I pay the £80 and make the ammendments?
    or Will it be cheaper to make new wills with another agent.
    What are the legalities as I suppose we will have two wills each?

    Any advice or tips wil be appreceated.

    Thanks in advance


    the new one will supersede all before it


    Hang on a pay them £25 a year for them having drawn up the Wills and storing them?

    Please tell me that this also includes all probate matters etc...

    If you have two Wills, the more recent will render all previous wills invalid.


    as 2 have said before.

    newest cancels out all before it


    If I was you I would revoke these Wills. The price for a pair of Wills will be about £176.25 (which will obviously differ) and you will not have to pay £25 a year.

    Many solicitors will store your Will for free as they know you will instruct them once any work needs to be carried out.

    Listen to magicjay .... he knows what he is talking about...

    Original Poster

    Thanks everyone.....
    Looks like I'll be setting up a new will

    Myself and my wife had our wills done at local solicitors for FREE in free will month which is every November

    They do not charge me for keeping a copy and I also have copies..

    They are not executors
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