Will Amazon Echo take over the world?

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Found 31st Oct 2016
Can't you tell I got a day off work today!! A funny question asked about Amazon Echo Dot......



it will go to the same place as the Microsoft zune and be looked at in documentaries in 30 years like we look at tomorrow's world from the 80s now.

"Will Amazon Echo take over the world?"



Heared about it day it released. Didn't pay attention to it, and forgot it even existed. until I saw this thread.

Short answer, no.
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Just like Google and all those other internet companies, they want to get as information about you as possible. I think it comes with a tin foil hat.
Hopefully things like these will not become the norm else us humans are doomed.

many years ago I was in the pub when one of the local lads came in, he bought a pint, sat down and lit a cigarette.
he also put on the table something else, we all looked at it, took the **** and laughed, agreeing that it will never catch on.
that was the first time I saw a mobile phone.
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