Will anyone ever pass rayman's post count?

    okay rhetorical question I know, but I was just looking at his post count :shock: :shock:

    The thing is that almost every one of his posts have been quality!


    Keep up like you're doing and you'll probably manage.

    Another thing to remember is that rayman also posts some front page offers so some of the posts under the "Admin" name are actually his!!

    On average he STILL manages to make double the number of posts per day than Admin. Amazing.

    i think i have him pipped tbh

    (hence why its ace for mod)

    ^^^ Ace doesn't "do" maths, but if he did.....

    He'd be kite at it!!!!


    ^^^ Ace doesn't "do" maths, but if he did.....He'd be kite at it!!!!

    i mean posts per day dude, i was banned for 2 months and i got a beasty ppd count still.

    rayman and paul need to have a big discussion about showing me the ropes me thinks!
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