will asda be doing a deal for MW2 for £25?

will they?


Yeah, obviously.

oh dear, oh dear.

Are people posting a million of these threads on purpose?


oh dear, oh dear.Are people posting a million of these threads on purpose?

I'm just wondering 'What next?' - a thread asking 'What will the Lottery Numbers be on Wednesday - well, what will they be?'


'Will it rain on 22/11/09?'


you reckon Asda will have a £55 game for £25?

I can hazard a guess at the answer................

my advice would be to pre-order it from ASDA then just wait to hear, Then if its too much get it somewhere else

i swear theres been so many post about how to got MW 2 for cheap and basicly not guna happen asda aint going give it away like that and the massive gamestaion one with the buy it cheap trade it aint going to work ether, theres going to be lots of disapointed people
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