Will bottle of Cava I got two years ago still be ok to drink?

    I got three of the Tesco Hampers Christmas 2007 advertised on this site, reduced from £50 down to £8.75. Just about worked my way through most of the stuff, a couple of jars of pickle left that look fine. I have a nice bottle of Cava left. I can't see a best by on the bottle, and I know some wine goes vinegary after a while. I just have no idea if Cava will be ok? Im not much of a drinker but I remember the Cava was nice and it would be ideal for Christmas day this year if its still drinkable. Advice greatly appreciated, thanks!

    ps.. Ive posted a great bargain on fragrances, that seems to be getting lost in the "new" section. Go look it up as Im sure it is hot , hot, hot! I think its cos i posted it at 3am today, hehe.


    i'd drink it! should be fine.

    Should be OK but it may have lost a little of its fizz.

    Only one way to find out.......


    Only one way to find out.......


    Still in can anyone keep alcohol that long without drinking it :w00t:

    Jeez i'm such a lush :oops:


    Still in can anyone keep alcohol that long without … Still in can anyone keep alcohol that long without drinking it :w00t:Jeez i'm such a lush :oops:

    Astonishing isn't it?
    ...and then when it's discovered keeping it for another month??:w00t:

    I think the answer OP is for you to try it, but lay in another bottle just in case.

    Original Poster

    Haha, I have a three year old high heeled glass boot shaped bottle of raspberry vodka that I got for Christmas, in the fridge too, along with half a bottle of martini that I cant remember where it even came from, and two bottles of Queen Margot (Lid's Baileys).

    However... a cream cake... or some salt n vinegar kettle chips.. those would NEVER last mor than a day.

    Thanks for the advice everyone, I will give it a try, and get another bottle of Fizz in just in case.

    Just a thought, if it's lost a bit of its sparkle, add it to fresh OJ and make Buck's Fizz :thumbsup:

    two years isnt a long time for 'wine'

    Itll be fine, Enjoy.
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