Will CeX accept my phone if the glass on the back is mildly cracked?

Posted 10th Jan 2019
I have recently wanted to trade in my samsung galaxy s7, in order to get a new iphone 7, (as I prefer apple) and I'm not sure if they'll accept my phone if the back has a crack on it or not. Answers??
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Probably not, they declined a tablet I tried to trade in because it had a 1/2cm hairline crack on the side, other than that the tablet was in new condition.
If they do take it, it'll be graded as not-working...
Try envirofone and be honest about quality, it should give you a price, it won’t be as much as if it wasn’t cracked but it’s something.
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Ask them.

From their perspective, their approach is likely to be "Does it work, and can we sell it on for profit?".

I've not sold anything to CeX, but in my dealings with them as a customer they've been nothing but fair to me about their approach, and I've been fair to them as a customer.

Last time I went in was to buy a back-up iPod that I saw in their window which was exactly the same as my 'main' iPod - 160Gb Space Grey if you're wondering - and before the guy even went to get the shop model I explained that I had my one in my pocket and wanted to do a comparison. I made it very clear what my intentions were, to the point that we had the models side by side and I was able to do a direct comparison. Turns out that mine was cleaner, was housed in a leather case, and had c150GB of music on it, but the one they were selling was decent enough, worked and came with a 2 year CeX guarantee, so I bought it, and it has been good ever since.

In summary, my experience with CeX is that if you're honest with them, they'll be honest with you.

So, OP, tell them what the problem is and why you want to trade your phone. They may be able to fix it and sell it on for a small profit, that's their business model.

Other options are presumably available.
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You would clear more money if you sold it on Flea Bay or Facebook or similar....

There are loads of people that fix and repair and so on these sort of issues and phones.
Whilst it may not be LOADS more there wont be fees and so on involved.

List it on Gumtree and Facebook and others as it is - add your price and away you go!

(Depending on the phone etc)

Any questions give us all on here another nudge!
They won't take it. They only sell phones that work and have no damage to them. They won't even take a brand new Samsung if it's been rooted (jailbroken) for example.
Can't you replace the cracked part before trading it in?
I trade alot of phones with them .they will take it as non working. You should get back fixed first or sell for £100 on eBay or gumtree ..

I've sold 4 s8 to the with smashed screens fir £110 as long as they can get the IMIE number they Will take it
Sell on Facebook market place put near price there offering your have someone grab it off you and have cash
Replacement back for the Samsung S7 click.

Video tutorial to replace back click.

Then sell it on for a higher value.
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