Will CEX buy a Macbook with a dead battery

Found 24th Sep 2015

My Macbook battery doesn't hold a charge any more and I was wondering if CEX would still buy it? If yes what grade would they class it as?

Thanks for any help.
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Have you asked your local store?
They refused my laptop before because battery life wasn't satisfactory. Maybe try cash converters or something similar.
Thanks fozzeh I didn't think of that lol.
@ adam_holcombe. thanks for the link I didn't know i could get a battery that cheap.
Thanks for letting me know LetoKynes, I'll check out Cash Converters.
I tried the other day with a laptop and it got refused even though the battery was in fairly reasonable condition, the store I took it to (Carlisle) used HWInfo to check battery life, it was at 72%, they are not allowed to accept laptops with battery's below 80% life apparently
Thanks Neo1607. I'll give cex a miss then. I might just put it on eBay.
eBay is your better bet, just label it clearly as having a battery issue. I've sold all sorts of broken stuff on eBay, I'm assuming to people who can repair them and sell them on for a profit.
What kind of macbook and price? Might be interested to buy it here...
Thanks Evy. Hi Rimi it's a macbook unibody white. I think it's a early 2009 model. It's got 4gb ram core2duo 2.0ghz I think. If you're interested I'll open a new thread and post pictures. I forgot to mention that there is a slight high pitch noise that I can here coming from the left side. It's not always there when I turn I on it starts after it's been on for a little bit. Not sure if its a fan.
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