Will Cex give this a Grade C??

    It a Samsung E800 Unlocked No box no charger no nothing, just the phone, the back/battery one of the clip thing is broken as seen in pic 3 so the back does not hold on u have to press hard to keep it on if u let go it comes off, and its got a crack at the bottom of the phone as in pic 2. If u have any other question dont hesitate to ask.…pg/…pg/…pg/…pg/…pg/…pg/…pg/


    They wont buy it without a charger I am afraid mate

    no charger no sale

    Wont buy has well with crack but it all depands who tests it


    So who'd you mug for it :roll:

    they wont even buy it. i got refused a w810i in almost perfect condition because the memory card flap was scratched and they said it was warping or watever.

    they wont buy that of you lol ud have to pay them

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    mazuma it

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    mazuma it

    £1 :oops:
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