Will CEX still accept a game without original case

Posted 25th Jul 2011
Just wondering if Cex will trade in games which do not have their original cases. I have a feeling they won't and can't call my local store to find out. They won't pick up on their main number either. Anybody know? Thanks!
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possibly, but at 90% less than the website price

possibly, but at 90% less than the website price

This Cex are a rip off as it is. Don't mention the names of the games and list them here for free, your allowed to post them here, don't ask for a price for the games or you will have to wait 7 days. Got a better chance of getting money here or somewhere like ebay.
Ok Thanks. I was going to do an exchange because i had some left over credit from last time. I think i might just go in and ask.
Might be a problem as I know some shops won't take it because they can't scan the barcode without the case and with all their intelligence they can't find it by typing the game onto their system... But with CEX I think it kinda comes down to some branches will, others won't. Their discretion basically. Although like Disco said they will probably knock a big chunk off the offer price... Although if you do go into them and get a definite answer please post back
Thanks SamRawr, i was going to go yesterday, but just didn't have the time. It's only an old game with not much value anyway but if i do end up going on the weekend i will post back!
Cheers would be useful for future reference for myself and others I'm sure!
I guess you've looked on eBay to see what prices it hits there? Sometimes you'd be surprised what people pay for old games
My GTA V is on Xbox one but its in an Xbox 360 case will CEX still accept it?
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