Will Cyclo DS Evolution work with the new DSI?

Found 28th Feb 2009
Sorry if anyone has asked this before.
My son has loads of DS games on a cyclo DS. He wants the new DSI for his birthday next month but a friend has warned me this may not work on the new DSI. I was thinking about trading in his current one at game but now think i may have to keep it.
Thanks in advance for any comments.
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Nah, CycloDS is not compatible at the moment.

They are working on the software currently though, give them a while and I think they'll crack it.

DSI's might have dropped in price by then too.
Thanks guys..

Does anybody know of any that can be bought in UK even if a little bit more money. its his birthday in about 10 days and worried i could not sort out in time.
Great to know there is something though.
He has loads of games and it would have been such a shame.

http://www.pcjerry.co.uk/i think this guy is in the UK, ive not ordered … http://www.pcjerry.co.uk/i think this guy is in the UK, ive not ordered from him but my friend has and she said he was great.http://www.pcjerry.co.uk/contact.htmlthis is the contact info , give them a ring and see if they can get it to you in time for your sons birthday.

thanks i will.

Thankyou to you all for your help. i am always astonished how people go out of their way to help on this site. I am getting a little more knowledgeable by the day and will hopefully soon be able to help someone else.

Thanks guys.
Tried but unfortunately they are out of stock, never mind. Might risk it and go with one from the US. I dont mind if it runs over his birhday a bit but game have a deal where if you order your DSI with them they will then give you a £75 giftcard or £50 cash back for your old DS lite. Seems good to me as I was only going to put it on ebay anyway.
Think you may have to do it within a certain time span of receiving your DSi though. Will have to check.
went with deal extreme as i used them a couple of years ago and seem to remember things came in good time. Fingers crossed.
Just use the originals on the DSi. Having an ability to play backups of them on the DS is just a bonus - yes it's a pain but just change cart when you want to play another.
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